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New Upcoming
Art & Soul Retreat
in ASL!
Center ~ Connect ~ Create!

This one-day art retreat is for adults who use ASL (Deaf/hh/late-deafened/Coda’s/Interpreters, etc.)If you’re like me, you probably sometimes get stuck living in your head and forget you have a body and spirit as well.

Here’s a chance for you to move from your head to your heart and find that sweet spot in the center of your being, that place we connect with ourselves, each other, the earth and the divine.

That’s what this retreat aims for. Come find that sweet spot through art and experience connection with others as you center and create.Explore rich symbolism through circles, spirals, mandalas, labyrinths and more!

This is one of my favorite retreats to give! Please join me!

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Art & Soul Retreat 2015

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