Before I signed up at DeafRead, I had blogged for months about my story of growing up hearing, of the traumatic illness that took my hearing, and of the profound and meaningful transition of waking up deaf in a hearing world. My family and possibly some old classmates were probably the only ones that knew I even had a blog, so I’m pretty sure my story was not widely read. However, after having discovered DeafRead, I realized there was a readership here and I found my niche. Therefore, I have decided to run the full story here on DeafRead since many people continue to ask me how I became deaf.

The first few chapters of my story are called: Life Before Deaf. They focus on what life was like for me as a hearing person, and especially the role that music played in my early and formative years.

The middle chapters are entitled: Deaf or Death. They focus on the illness itself that resulted in my deafness. If you are one of those people who are curious how I lost my hearing and became deaf, you will find yourself engrossed in this heart-wrenching drama.

The final chapters are called: The Journey of Deafhood. They describe the adjustment period I went through and the coping skills I learned as I transitioned from hearing to Deaf. They also reveal the wisdom learned along the way, the adoption of a new, healthy Deaf identity, and the success stories of making a place for myself in life as a unique and confident Deaf leader.

I’m not sure if my story will make it up on the best of DeafRead or on DeafRead Extra, so check both to be sure. You can always follow by the chapter numbers, or if you’d prefer, you can read the posts by clicking on “My Story” on the sidebar. You can follow the chapter numbers there as well.

I do not wish to appear full of myself, or assume that everyone is interested in my story. I just wanted to answer the questions many people have asked me about how I became Deaf. I definitely have a story to tell. 😉

This particular post below, called The Initiation, was the very first blog post I had written. It is a conversation I imagine my Spirit had with my Creator before I came into existence in human form. It seems fitting to begin here once again. Enjoy!

“Must I go?”

“Yes, Dear One.”

“But I don’t want to leave here. It’s so beautiful and perfect. What if I don’t like it there? What if I’m all alone?”

“I will always be with you, Sweet Child.”

“What if I get hurt, or lost, or far away from you? How will I find my way back?”

“Follow the music, My Angel. Find me in the Rhythm of Life. See my Light in the faces of others, and listen to them deeply, for sometimes, I may speak to you through them. But most of all, come to me in the silence, and listen to me with the Ear of Your Heart. I will help you find your way.”

“I love you. I miss you already.”

“And I love you, my Little Starflake, more than you will ever know. The greatest adventure lies before you.
Go and Find Your Way.”

So begins my journey….

8 Responses to “Want To Know How I Became Deaf? ~ Ch. 1”

    Yes, yes you are indeed full of yourself *gasp*. No, I am just kidding, hahaha! Looking forward to your story :). I am one of curious people except that I was always shy to ask!

    LaRonda, I was younger than you — only 10 years old when I lost my hearing due to a bout with Measles (or the MEDICATION they gave me to save my life). I feel for you, I mean, I totally UNDERSTAND, because it was next to impossible for me to adjust to a life of deafness. At 73 years old, I still have a problem with it. The stigma will never go away. I live in my own world, neither deaf nor hearing, but somewhere in between. I pick and choose my friends who might or might not fit into my world.

    I am very ready to listen to your journey, even tho I have met and know you personally, I want to hear it again, NOW, after you have learned to accept who you are and are (perhaps) comfortable with it.

    I want to add that my garden, my flowers, my veggie garden ARE MY MUSIC. I arrange my furniture, my plants, my home my LIFE to play music to me. I have considered a CI, yes, over and over again, but somehow this solution does not appeal to me, even tho I have the insurance and the ability to be fitted with one. I feel that I became deaf for a good reason and I choose to remain that way because it is the natural, God given way.

    I am looking forward to more of your posts. (Hugs) Lantana

    Very powerful and riveting!

    Yes, Oscar. The truth is, we are all a little full of ourselves, aren’t we? 😉

    Lantana, I’m sure you have stories to tell as well. You should blog about them, or at the very least, comment on the posts you will read in my stories here so others can see the similarities or differences in our journeys into deafhood.

    Stephan, I’m glad The Initiation moved you. ~

    Thank you for your comments folks!

    ~ LaRonda

    Looking forward to reading more!

    I am a late hearing loss 62 year old who has read most of your story. I admit to speed reading some. I expect I am not the first professor to tell you that your writing flows like music. Yes music that we never want to stop. I often feel sorry for my self when with my (large) family who love to get together for parties, I have great difficulty in keeping up with the conversations. You are an inspiration to me and I expect many thousands of others who have read your story. May God continue to work through you and thereby continue to help others like me.
    Question, technical: How do I jump to different chapters in your “book” without having to page through each web page? It is difficult to keep reading just so that I do not lose my “book mark”.

    I don’t know If I said it already but …Cool site, love the info. I do a lot of research online on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..

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