Hi! While you’re all thinking about the DeafRead Vlog/Blog Awards, I’m going to toss out my own shameless plug. 😉 If you would like to review any of my 2007 vlog posts or blog posts, they are all listed conveniently for you below. Just click on the link to have a look. Vlog posts are categorized at the top and Blog posts are categorized at the bottom.

Happy reviewing! 😉
~ L

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18 Responses to ““The Ear of My Heart” Vlog/Blog Posts – A Year in Review – 2007 ~”

    Wow you sure were busy in 2007. Thank you for doing all these vlogs & blogs. You have contributed to the Deaf consciousness more than you know.

    I’m voting for you! 🙂

    I heard they’re adding an expansion at Library of Congress from this, heh. Good luck. Smile.

    Hey, it was good to see ya in person today! Your advocacy was quite inspiring. I was glad to get off class today for these hands on community experience. 🙂

    LaRonda, I really am glad that you participate Deaf Read. If we never participate, we would never met. Thank you for all your time and making vlogs and writing blogs. Your rock. You are one of my favorite and dearest vloggers/bloggers, I look forward to seeing more of your vlogs, and blogs. Of course, you deserve the award. Smile..


    Thanks to you too. You have made an amazing mark in the Deaf world this year!

    You inspire me!

    ~ L


    Thanks for reading me. I always read your blog. You’re one of my favorites. Very authentic and always a good read.

    ~ L


    The feeling is mutual.


    ~ LaRonda


    Thank you, dear one. We’ve come a long way. You, too, are one of my favorite vloggers! I have been searching through many of your 2007 posts to find a favorite. They are all worthy!

    ~ LaRonda

    HANDS WAVING! I feel so honored to know you. Its been an amazing year, hasnt it!!! Thank you for opening up your heart which is so full of inspiration!

    With love,


    LaRonda –

    PERFECT this is great what you did for 2007, and what you’ve made for 2007! BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

    Thanks for B/Vlogging or is it V/Blogging? LOL!!! 😀

    PS: Yep you are ONE of mY FAVORITE B/Vlogger!! 🙂 Whoo-Hoo!! You Rock grrl !


    You are my favorite blogger — Smile Diane


    You do add color with brillance in your vlogs, revealed your character, and made this vlog a must see. When I think of the best vlogs, “The Ear of My Heart” is one of them. You’re an inspiration.

    When I want laughs, I watch the Gary Brooks Show. When I want to see someone standing up for our Deaf rights, I watch the Deaf Progressivism. When I want to learn more about Deaf Community issues, even worldwide issues about ASL, I watch the Joey Baer’s ASL vlog. When I want a rush, I watch the Olson Coda Brothers. If I am in the dark about intricacies of Deafhood, I watch Ella’s flashlight. But if I want originality and creativity, I’ll watch you. It’s a clean vlog. Actually everybody has great vlogs..I just jump from vlog to vlog!

    WOW!. I Can’t count your vlogs. haha.. All of them are soo great!!! I really enjoy ur 2007 vlogs and blog. I hope you a big luck if u win this 2007 award, You can put the first vlog on the 2008 year to see if u win?? HAHA. U know waht? I haven’t my own blog or my own vlogs.. hehe. I like to send messages to anyone and it express my feelings. But one day, I will check which blog site is best for me and vlog??? I have to find out which webcam I want. It made me want to try out.

    Again, All of your vlogs are very spiritual and I like your vlog regarding the donation of the abuse women. It makes a big difference for me. smile.. Great Job!!! LA RONDA!

    Rick M.

    Thank you everyone for your comments and support. I have already won by making so many friends and meeting so many new people. My heart is full!

    ~ LaRonda

    You are also my favorite blogger!!! Some of my friends on deafromance.com also love your blogs (yeah, am a member of this pretty deaf dating site, I love this site).

    Merry Christmas!

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