So I have a ♥ story to share today. I was on my way to Palo Alto for my Spa birthday gift and I crossed the Dumbarton Bridge. As I was driving close to the toll, I began to think how cool it would be to start my 49th year by “paying it forward.” Kindness begets kindness and, well… it just matters and makes a difference on this planet. So I made the decision to pay the toll for the car behind me. It felt good to do that and I smiled the whole way across the bridge.

Then I got into town and was driving through some residential streets and I came to a stop sign. There were two older women crossing the street in front of of me. I waited patiently with a smile on my face for them to cross. There were no cars behind me and I wasn’t in a hurry. So when they were across, I looked both ways and to my right was another old woman just standing there. I didn’t know if she meant to cross, but I smiled and motioned for her to go ahead (that I would wait). And what did she do? She came over to my car door and opened it! She bent down and said, “Can you take me just a few blocks up the road here?

I was completely startled, and looked around really fast to make sure I was not being carjacked or duped. But her face was as innocent as any I had ever seen. And while I have not picked up a hitch hiker before, there was no fear here. I felt more concerned for her in all her innocence, that she would naively walk up to a car like that. I think she misinterpreted my hand wave to go ahead and cross and thought I was motioning for her to come on over. In any case, I let her in and told her to point out where she needed to be dropped off.

I told her it was my birthday and I was honored to help her. She wished me a happy birthday with sweet moon shaped eyes and a graceful smile and then proceeded to give me directions to my spa place where I told her I was headed. I let her help me back even though I knew the way. She was repaying a kindness. My skin tingled. I only drove her 4 blocks and let her out. And that was that.

Twice in my morning I was gifted with the act of “paying it forward.” This was such a good feeling. I hope I do it more and more. Join me. ♥

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