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Turtle Heart Newsletters – Jan. 2013 – Jan. 2014

relaxing frog

January, 2014 – Finding Inner Peace through the Sacred Soak ♥ The Healing Power of Bathing ♥ Journal Prompts for Relaxation ♥ A Personal Relaxation Retreat Just for YOU!

Red Apron

November, 2013 – What if You Asked for the Support You Need? … And Got It! ♥ My Mother’s Red Apron: A Personal Story of Self-Care ♥ Where Are You Holding Tight to the Wheel? ♥ Creating Time and Space for YOU ♥ Deaf Winter Solstice Retreat


October, 2013 – Aging or Sage-ing? Fabulous at 50! ♥  10 Commandments for Beautiful, Ageless Women ♥ DeafHope Tea Party Queens ♥ Connecting to Soul at Deaf Women’s Christian Conference ♥ Upcoming Deaf Winter Solstice Retreat


September, 2013 – My help is in the mountains ♥ Autumn Equinox: A time to restore balance ♥ Testimonials and Highlights from Seasons of Change Retreat  ♥ Upcoming Witches Tea Retreat ♥ Coaching Programs


August, 2013 – The Power of Journaling ♥ The 4 Directions Journal Prompts ♥ Emotional Support ♥ Physical Space ♥ Clarity/Direction ♥ Wisdom & Knowledge ♥ Coaching Programs ♥ Upcoming Retreats


July, 2013 – The Self-Empowered Woman ♥ Sovereign and Queen of her own soul ♥ Wise Women Wednesdays ♥ New Life Coaching Programs ♥ Deaf Seniors make JOY a Priority

Trees SOC June

June, 2013 – Embracing  Change ♥ Celebrating Life Passages and Transitions ♥ Seasons of Change ♥ Questions for Reflection ♥ Summer Solstice

Self-Care May

May, 2013 – An Extreme Act of Self-Care – My Story ♥ Honoring and Valuing Self ♥ Letting Go, Moving On ♥ Celebrating the Choices of All Women ♥ World Labyrinth Day and Benefits of Walking a Labyrinth

heart mosaic Apr. Sp Ed.

April, 2013, Special Edition  – A Call to Create ♥ Mosaic Art & Soul ♥ Soulful Renewal – Art is the Language of the Soul ♥ Advice from a Turtle

Earth Day April

April, 2013  – Earth Day ♥ Soul Collage ♥ Personal Day-Away Retreats ♥ Highlights from Intl. Women’s Day – Girl’s Night Out Retreat

Wild Woman March

March, 2013  – Greeting the Wild Woman ♥ Intl. Women’s Day ♥ How Women Retreat

IWD March

February, 2013 – Self-Love ♥ How Are We Caring for Our Sacred Hearts? ♥ Highlights from the Personal Wellness Symposium

LZ with canvas Jan.

January, 2013 – Turtle Heart Newsletter Launches ♥ Personal Wellness – Choosing Self-Care ♥ I Am A Woman Taking Time For Myself ♥ Retreat & Reflect ♥ What We Learn from Winter Hibernation ♥ Highlights from the Gratitude Labyrinth Walk, Mini-Retreat

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