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Making A Difference & Shaping The Future ~

Posted by LaRonda on April 26th, 2009

Join LaRonda as she rubs shoulders with some of the dedicated and caring DBC/CAD supporters at a local fundraiser. These groups (Deaf Bilingual Coalition and Calif. Association of the Deaf) are still active and committed toward making a difference and shaping the future of Deaf children and Deaf people in our world. (The end of […]


I Chose ASL – The “Human Technology” ~

Posted by LaRonda on April 18th, 2009

“I chose ASL as my path to understanding the world.” This edited clip was originally made for a local Technology Day event. Join LaRonda as she briefly shares her personal story of becoming Deaf and invites viewers to think of ASL as another kind of technology – a “human technology” – that keeps you connected […]


Rest Area Ahead ~

Posted by LaRonda on April 4th, 2009

Photo by: Joe Shlabotnik There are times in our lives when our need for rest is undeniable. I am in one such phase. I’ll be back, but for now, gonna rejuve. ~ L


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