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Review of the “Deaf Ninja”

Posted by LaRonda on February 28th, 2007

Austin Andrew’s creative and imaginative story of a Deaf Ninja is phenomenal!

In the signed video clip below, Austin talks of the old kind of hearing aids his deaf brother used to wear, the kind that hung around the neck with the big body-aid box in the front of his chest. He tells how he used to tease his older brother about those funny wires that connected from the box to his hearing aids. But his brother’s revenge was to take out those hearing aids and whip and swipe Austin with the wires! Not fun! In his defense, Austin’s creative imagination took over as he envisioned a Deaf Ninja using that transformative box, those wild wires, agile movements, and keen eye-sight to fight off other Ninja enemies at time-warp speed — all before the first raindrop falls!

Austin’s use of ASL Classifiers is superb! A must-see for anyone who is learning or knows ASL (American Sign Language)! I especially love how Austin moves his body and hands to look almost like he’s performing out-of-this-world Matrix-like movements! It’s ASL cinematography at its best! Austin, I applaud your work! It’s ingenious!


Deaf Chinese Classical Dance

Posted by LaRonda on February 27th, 2007

I came across this video clip of Deaf Chinese Dancers performing the Thousand Hands of Buddah. I found it breathtaking! Enjoy!


Hearing Loss: A Hero’s Journey ~ Ch. 71

Posted by LaRonda on February 25th, 2007

…Sometimes the best guidance, wisdom or gift we can give to someone else is our own story, truly told…

Writing your own story about losing your hearing is a journey of deep, personal discovery, a spiritual quest. With the ear of our heart, we probe the inner cochlea of our soul. It is an act of self-knowing, a way to understand and come to terms with our deepest experiences, see the mystery of ourselves, and make sense of our place in the world…

…Perhaps to find ourselves, we must first lose ourselves. Like the Phoenix, we must die in order to be born anew. We all share the universal experience of loss, the same joys and tragedies, the same ambiguities and struggles. The tale of birth, death and resurrection/rebirth is a common theme in many spiritual and cultural traditions that repeats itself in everyone, everywhere, everyday. We are all heroes searching for meaning, purpose, identity and truth. We are all leaving, seeking, finding and longing to return home…


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