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Deaf and Isolated at Xmas? Bring Your Pager ~

Posted by LaRonda on December 27th, 2008

Join LaRonda as she shares her experience of being the lone Deafie at a family Christmas gathering, and how she coped. Transcript: Hello. Christmas is now over. All finished. I’m curious, however, if any of you Deaf folks out there had the same experience I did. I was pretty isolated. Why? Well, we had a […]


The Ear of My Heart: A Year In Review ~ 2008

Posted by LaRonda on December 7th, 2008

Follow the Links below. Photo by: Chalocuaz Another year gone by. A year of choices, learning and change. Priceless. And I’m still blogging and vlogging at DeafRead, DVTV and elsewhere. Throughout my v/blogs, I still strive to capture and express constructive action and universal respect. There is still a great need for healing in our […]


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