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Bay Area CAD Luau: Part 2 – Community Support ~

Posted by LaRonda on July 30th, 2008

Part 2 of 3 videos of the recent California Association of the Deaf, Bay Area Chapter fundraiser – 7/26/08. Transcript: Tanja: Yes, around 100 people here. Tom: Yes, we’ve been enjoying the food, and as you have seen, it’s a real pig! True! …. And, guess what? The pig is Deaf. Heh heh…I’m just teasing […]


Bay Area CAD Luau: Deaf Senior Highlights ~

Posted by LaRonda on July 27th, 2008

(Transcript below) Join LaRonda as she highlights Part 1 of 3 videos taken at the Bay Area California Association of the Deaf fundraiser here in Fremont, CA. 7/26/08. This video highlights perspectives from Deaf Senior members of BACAD. Transcript: LaRonda: Hello. I’m here at the Bay Area CAD Luau fundraiser for the California Association of […]


Finding Gems on DeafRead Extra ~

Posted by LaRonda on July 26th, 2008

(Transcript below) Transcript: Hello. It’s Saturday, and I have a little bit of free time. I decided to spend some time reading through the posts on DeafRead. As I read through them, I saw a few that were kind of interesting. Yet, listening to my intuitive voice within, I found myself heading over to DeafRead […]


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