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Flirting: A Universal Language ~

Posted by LaRonda on May 25th, 2008

Join LaRonda as she describes how online flirtation is used as a universal language that allows d/Deaf/HH/Late-Deafened/Hearing people to cross the cultural divide, become quickly familiar, and successfully communicate. Photo by: The Alieness When we think of people who flirt, we usually think of people with the intent of entering an intimate contact relationship. However, […]


Feeling Groovy?

Posted by LaRonda on May 23rd, 2008

Photo by: gmonster25 “Hello lampost, whatcha knowin? I’ve come to watch your flowers growin. Ain’tcha got no rhyme for me? Dootin-doo-doo-doo Feelin’ groovy” ~ Simon and Garfunkle ~ There is so much negativity in our lives today being pumped at us through media, marketing, d/Deaf/Hearing cultural conflicts, or communication breakdown. It can really make a […]


Spreading Some Heartshine ~

Posted by LaRonda on May 18th, 2008

Just me, LaRonda, spreading a little heartshine. Transcript: *breathing deeply* *Sunshine…* *Good Day, Sunshine!* *Spreading some heartshine* Hi! It’s been a long time since I’ve made a vlog… with HEART. Well, I’m here with HEART today. Hello, dear ones. Hello! So… we need to wake up! True business! It’s time to wake up and feel […]


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