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From Tolerating to Valuing ~

Posted by LaRonda on January 22nd, 2008

Photo by: lumaxart Recently, my husband and I joined my sister-in-law as she treated my son to a day at a Science and Tech Museum. There, an anatomical exhibition of the human body was on display along with educational and insightful information about wellness, disease, genetic disorders and the mysteries of the human brain. As […]


A CODA Angel In My Corner ~

Posted by LaRonda on January 20th, 2008

Introducing my CODA son as he gives his support to vote for my blog for the DeafRead v/blog awards. He’s just toooo cute! I had to share. This was HIS idea and HIS script, but he did ask me to film him and put it on my v/blog. It never hurt to have an angel […]


Embarrassing, but Funny Deaf Moments!

Posted by LaRonda on January 9th, 2008



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