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How to Encourage a Postive Community of Commenters ~

Posted by LaRonda on December 30th, 2007

Photo by: ~Aphrodite One of the things I hope to commit to in the new year ahead is responding more steadily to those readers who leave comments on my v/blog posts. I have been blessed to have a very positive group of people who frequently leave comments on my v/blog and a number of optimistic […]


The Importance of Interdependence ~

Posted by LaRonda on December 28th, 2007



“Desiderata”: Things to be Desired ~

Posted by LaRonda on December 17th, 2007

We, as diverse deaf people, are all the sum of a larger body — the DEAF. We are the sum of all kinds of separate, yet inter-dependent parts. We are individuals and systems swimming in a wholly fluid, fluctuating and changing universe. We are illusively separate in our individual essence, yet we are ALL profoundly […]


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