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VRS Tip – Alpha-Bravo-Charlie – ABC ~

Posted by LaRonda on June 26th, 2007

LaRonda shares a fascinating tip she learned today about communication after a phone call using a VRS (Video Relay Service) interpreter. Well worth watching and reading! Click the link below to see video clip and transcript.


I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours ~

Posted by LaRonda on June 25th, 2007

Have you heard of “Blogthings?” A Blogthing is “a quiz, meme, or toy you can put in your blog” that gives your readers insight into who you are.

I have never seen them on the blogs of people at DeafRead. But I happened upon this guy’s blog and discovered his Blogthings for the first time. (Sounds kind of kinky, but it’s actually clean fun.) I was instantly curious, so I clicked the link, and from the moment I did, I could see a potentially new addiction! Oy vey!

(I better order some of that new LaRonda Addiction Medicine from Fookem and Bug!)

To get the results of your own Blogthings, you simply take the short quiz related to that topic. (The links are below each of my quiz results in this blog.) Some of the quizes are pretty cheesy, but there are a handful that were really quite interesting. I’m sure you’ll find some that interest you.

From what I understand, people put there Blogthings up randomly on their blogs from time to time. Some, like this guy above, post a bunch of their Blogthings all at once!

Anyway, like this guy, I decided I was going to beat another potential addiction by posting the results of all of the Blogthings that interested me on one blog post only! The trick is getting you to read it! (Hey, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! 😉 ) This is the first and the last time I’ll let you see my Blogthings!

Knock yourself out! 😉

Your Blogging Type Is Thoughtful and Considerate

You’re a well liked, though underrated, blogger.
You have a heart of gold, and are likely to blog for a cause.
You’re a peaceful blogger – no drama for you!
A good listener and friend, you tend to leave thoughtful comments for others.

Click the link below…


My Top 40 Images of Blog/Vlog Addiction ~

Posted by LaRonda on June 18th, 2007

Ok. I admit it. I’m addicted to DeafRead. I’m a blogger and a vlogger with kalidescope eyes from the glare of my computer screen. I started to write a post on blogging/vlogging addiction, but not surprisingly, I became obsessed with images on “blogging addiction” through Google. I found some entertaining photos and graphics and decided that the pictures would be worth a thousand words.

I took a fun poke at some of you DeafRead bloggers and vloggers in a few captions below some of the photos just for fun. All in good spirits to bring a smile to your chompers! …


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