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How I Used Teri’s Vlog To Teach Deaf Parents ~

Posted by LaRonda on April 29th, 2007

Transcript Video Clip 1:

LaRonda: “Hello. I’m here at my work: SJCD (St. Joseph’s Center for the Deaf) in Hayward, CA. I am the Parent Educator/Family Life Coordinator. I’m here today to show you something about how I plan to use a vlog from DeafRead. I work with many parents who come to learn more about how to become better parents and overcome challenges, especially between deaf and hearing mixed families.

Behind me, I just set up tables with many computers on them. Can you see them? SJCD recently received a tech. grant and we were recently given many computers, which is so cool! I’m excited to use these computer with my parent class! Finally, we can be on par with technological advances just like the hearing world.

Well, I’ve been thinking carefully about what I would pick to share on the computers with my parent class. Then I remembered Teri’s vlog at and her story called “Cheaper by the Dozen.” That story is about her decision to have 10 children. I thought this would be perfect and a great way to open discussion with my parent group and see what their reaction is to that story…”


Guest Blogger: CODA ~ Tracy Schaffer

Posted by LaRonda on April 29th, 2007

I invited a CODA friend, Tracy Shaffer, to share her stories and poems (below) for Mother Father Deaf Day today (the last Sunday in April). Tracy writes a story of how important it was for her to come across a certain “hearing” role model, Mrs. Corn, as a CODA child. We, as a deaf community often emphasize the importance of deaf children having deaf role models. I found it equally noteworthy that CODA children also have the same need for a role model like themselves…


CODAs ~ Children of Deaf Adults

Posted by LaRonda on April 27th, 2007

The following information is taken from an paper written by Kerri Clark on April 24, 2003, entitled:

I thought this was appropriate to share for Mother Father Deaf Day this Sunday…


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