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My Musical Achievements ~ Ch. 8

Posted by Brent Zupp on December 30th, 2006

As I made my exit from high school, I inspired and captured the attention of my peers one last time as I sang solo at our Baccalaureate, and again with our girl’s ensemble at Graduation. With my head held high, I left school confident of my talents and proud of my achievements. I had hopes and dreams for my future.

Music was the torch I carried to light my journey, and I knew the way.


The Gift of Music ~ Ch. 7

Posted by LaRonda on December 29th, 2006

In parochial grammar school, I always got “A’s” in music. The nun’s who taught me adored that I sang the church hymns with such boldness. They always seemed to put me up front so the priests could see me sing. I was never afraid to be heard. God certainly knew I was there.

…I knew Music and I would become best friends….


Singing and Dancing with Grammie ~ Ch. 6

Posted by LaRonda on December 29th, 2006

Grammie’s southern accent and theatrical, singsong voice made all her stories and songs sound funny….

…she would bounce me as a small child in her arms and swing me around as we danced to an old 78 speed record that played, “Bubblin’ In My Soul.”

“Well… I’m…
bubblin’, bubblin’,
bubblin’, bubblin’,
bubblin’ in my soul!
Alleluia, I’m so glad
I’m in His heavenly fold…”

… I learned at an early age that life was full of rhythm. Where there was music, dancing, storytelling, or song, there was always joy and love, spirit and light, communion and belonging, and life felt simply divine.


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